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Summit Tree Care Is Family Owned & Operated

Summit Tree Care is a family owned and operated local Nanaimo business that serves all of Vancouver Island. We have over a decade of experience in the industry and are dedicated to preserving the beauty and vitality of trees while enhancing the safety and aesthetics of our communities. Our core values are professionalism, environmental stewardship, and customer satisfaction.

Making Our Customers & Workerforce Happy Is Paramount

The workforce at Summit Tree Care embraces the essence of a close-knit, passionate team. Our deep-rooted care for our profession extends beyond mere tree care; we recognize our role as ambassadors for the arboriculture industry.

Top Quality Tools & Tech

Quality tradespeople never blame their tools because they use the best their industry offers. Our team uses the highest quality chainsaws, chippers and safety equipment to ensure your project is completed on time, leaving you amazed with the speedy progress and final product.

Motivated & Passionate Work Ethic

Being a family-owned and operated business means our owner, Matt Hardman, is always available to address the needs of our workforce. This helps us maintain and cultivate a solid and committed culture that propagates success.

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Our valued Team

What sets us apart

Our ambition extends beyond merely crafting visually stunning yards and tree canopies that highlight the beauty of your property. We are equally dedicated to offering comprehensive planting services and meticulous tree maintenance, as we are to the careful removal of dead and decaying plant life. It's important to emphasize that our motivation is not rooted in the destruction of natural resources. On the contrary, our commitment lies in nurturing and promoting their growth, ensuring a harmonious balance between aesthetic appeal and environmental stewardship.

Daniel Kannimäe, Climbing Arborist and On-site Foreman

Daniel has been a crucial member of our team for over 6 years. As a Climbing Arborist and On-site Foreman, he combines his passion for arboriculture with exceptional leadership skills. His dedication to the craft and attention to detail ensure that every project under his supervision is executed with the utmost precision and care.

Eddie Couture, Climbing Arborist and Onsite Foreman

Eddie Couture is our most seasoned expert, boasting over 15 years of experience in the field. His role as a Climbing Arborist and On-site Foreman is vital to our operations. Eddie's extensive knowledge and experience make him a cornerstone of our team, providing invaluable insights and leadership on every job.

Colleen Haddad, Payroll Coordinator and Administration Manager

Colleen Haddad is the organizational force behind our operations, serving as the Payroll Coordinator and Administration Manager. Her expertise in managing our administrative tasks ensures that everything runs smoothly. Colleen’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to our team's well-being make her an indispensable part of our company.

Jeremy McDowell, Arborist Apprentice

Jeremy McDowell, with 2 years of experience under his belt, is a promising Arborist Apprentice. His enthusiasm for learning and growing in the field of arboriculture is evident in his work. Jeremy's dedication to honing his skills and his eagerness to contribute to our team's success make him a valued and promising member of our team.

Matt Hardman, Owner/Operator

With over a decade of experience, Matt Hardman is the heart and soul of our team. As the Owner and Operator of our company, Matt brings unparalleled expertise as a skilled tree climber, faller, and equipment operator. His profound knowledge and hands-on approach have been instrumental in setting high standards for our services.
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Questions we frequently encounter

Summit Tree Care strongly advises against attempting to remove large trees or undertake tree falling by yourself. Removing trees, particularly large ones, requires years of training and expertise to ensure it is done safely and effectively. The process involves a deep understanding of tree biology, proper cutting techniques, and safety protocols. There is a significant risk of injury or property damage without this expertise. For these reasons, we recommend consulting with professional arborists, like those at Summit Tree Care, who are trained and equipped to handle tree removal safely and efficiently.

The best time for tree service depends on the type of service required. For pruning, late winter or early spring is often ideal, as trees are dormant and it’s easier to see the structure of the tree. However, certain species may have specific timing needs. For tree removal, it can be done year-round, but it may be easier when trees are leafless and the ground is firm.

The trimming frequency for hedges depends on the hedge type, desired look and growth rate. Fast-growing hedges may need trimming 1-2 times during the growing season (spring to summer), while slower-growing hedges might only need once every two years minimum. Regular maintenance helps keep hedges dense and neat.

Signs that a tree has died and could be a risk include: brittle bark that falls off, lack of leaves or dead leaves that don’t drop in winter, dead branches, and a hollow or decayed trunk. If a tree shows these signs and is close to your home, it’s advisable to consult a professional arborist to assess the risk and consider removal.

The time to remove a tree varies greatly depending on the tree’s size, type, location, and proximity to structures. A small tree might take a few hours, while a large tree could take a full day or more, especially if it requires careful dismantling in a confined space.