Tree Trimming

Welcome to Summit Tree Care, where our tree trimming services go beyond the ordinary. Unlike pruning, which focuses on health and structure, our trimming is all about enhancing your trees’ aesthetic beauty. At Summit Tree Care, we craft the perfect look for your trees, ensuring they complement and elevate your landscape’s overall appearance. Trust us to bring out the best in your trees, making them healthy and eye-catching.

trimming vs pruning. What's the Difference?

Regarding tree care, “trimming” and “pruning” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to two distinct practices, each with its own goals and benefits. Understanding the difference is crucial for maintaining your trees’ health, appearance, and safety.


  • Focuses on Aesthetics: Trimming primarily aims to enhance a tree’s appearance, shaping it for design and landscape compatibility.
  • Promotes Dense Growth: Regular trimming encourages the development of a thick canopy, perfect for privacy and shade.
  • Needed Bi-Annually: Most trees benefit from annual trimming to maintain their shape and prevent overgrowth.
  • Suitable for Hedges and Shrubs: Trimming is often applied to hedges and shrubs for a neat, manicured look.


  • Prioritizes Health: Pruning targets the removal of dead, diseased, or damaged branches to protect the tree’s health.
  • Encourages Fruit Production: For fruit trees, pruning can improve yield by focusing the tree’s energy on fruit development.
  • Prevents Safety Hazards: By removing potentially dangerous limbs, pruning enhances the safety of your environment.
  • Varies by Tree Species: The best time for pruning depends on the specific type of tree and its growth cycle.

Trimming and pruning are vital for the care and management of trees, but they serve different purposes. Trimming enhances a tree’s shape and aesthetic appeal, while pruning focuses on health, safety, and productivity. By understanding these differences, you can ensure that your trees look their best and are healthy and well-maintained. Summit Tree Care excels in both services, providing expert care tailored to the unique needs of each tree and client.

What Circumstances Require Trimming Back Your Trees?

Shaping and Size Control

Managing the size and shape of your trees is crucial, especially if they’ve grown too large and are blocking sunlight from reaching your house or your neighbor’s yard. Trimming is the perfect solution to control overgrowth, helping you sculpt the tree to your preferred aesthetic while ensuring it complements the surrounding environment.

Improving Views

A tree should enhance, not obstruct, the beauty of your surroundings. Trimming is often necessary to clear up views that have been blocked by overgrown branches, allowing you to enjoy unobstructed sightlines from your windows or while navigating your property.

Enhancing Curb Appeal

Keeping your trees well-trimmed can significantly boost your property’s visual appeal. Removing dead, diseased, or unsightly branches creates a tidier appearance and contributes to a landscape that looks cared for and inviting, enhancing your home’s curb appeal.

Clearing Obstructions

Safety and functionality are paramount when it comes to your property’s landscape. Trimming becomes essential when branches grow too close to power lines, obstruct walkways, driveways, or encroach on other structures. It ensures that your property remains safe from potential hazards and keeps your outdoor spaces accessible and enjoyable.

Fully Certified, Liscenced & Insured

Summit Tree Care is fully certified, licensed, and insured, ensuring that every service we provide is backed by professional standards and comprehensive protection. Our credentials reflect our commitment to excellence and safety in tree care.

Arborist Reports

Our expert team provides detailed arborist reports, offering vital insights into the health and condition of your trees. These reports are essential for informed decision-making regarding tree care and management.

Stringent Quality Controls

We adhere to stringent quality controls to guarantee that all our tree care services meet the highest standards. Our meticulous approach ensures consistent, superior results for your trees and landscape.

What Areas Do WE Serve?

Summit Tree Care, holding a City of Nanaimo license, has invested in an inter-community license, empowering us to extend our tree trimming services across Vancouver Island. This strategic move ensures we can provide expert care to a broader range of communities, from the bustling streets of Victoria to the serene landscapes of Campbell River, without any geographical limitations.

Here are the communities on Vancouver Island we serve between Victoria and Campbell River:

  1. Victoria
  2. Saanich
  3. Sidney
  4. Langford
  5. Colwood
  6. Sooke
  7. Metchosin
  8. Duncan
  9. Ladysmith
  1. Nanaimo
  2. Lantzville
  3. Parksville
  4. Qualicum Beach
  5. Port Alberni
  6. Courtenay
  7. Comox
  8. Cumberland
  9. Campbell River

This comprehensive coverage ensures that Summit Tree Care is ready and able to meet all your tree trimming needs wherever you are located within these areas. Please contact us with any questions to learn more or if we have missed your community above.

Why Choose US Summt Tree?

Choosing Summit Tree Care for your tree trimming needs means entrusting your property to a team that combines local expertise with wide-reaching service capabilities. With our City of Nanaimo license and inter-community authorization, we proudly offer specialized trimming services across Vancouver Island, from Victoria to Campbell River. Our commitment to aesthetic excellence, safety, and property enhancement, coupled with our ability to serve a broad spectrum of communities, sets us apart. When you select Summit Tree Care, you’re choosing a partner dedicated to the health and beauty of your trees, backed by the confidence of comprehensive licensing and a deep understanding of local environments. Let us bring out the best in your landscape.

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